General Project Funding Criteria Guidelines 

  • Project capital needed = 50 Million USD (minimum)
  • Available seed capital = 157,000 GBP or USD equivalent, even if unrelated to project
  • 2% cash equity contribution of requested funding amount (International Asian Fund only)
  • Have at least some level of preliminary or outside revenues from something
  • Hired law firms, etc. so their is an understanding in regards to paying for tangible and deliverable services


Pre-Underwriting [IEBC Only]

International project financing – using structured third-party A-rated collateral asset backing – is very different from the more commonly known “venture capital” investment firms which have very strict and narrow “criteria”.

For this type of financing, there are no artificial “criteria”, and no narrow parameters for “screening”. All countries, industries, and project types are considered “normal”, and all can be funded.

As a matter of practical reality, lenders in fact do not care at all about “the project” itself. The only real criteria of lenders is that any project must have: (1) licensed certified Banking Compliance Packages, proving the project is bankable, and (2) solid collateral or asset backing, with effective transaction documents for the collateral.

Both of these requirements are precisely what the Funding Support services give to all clients who hire the services from a banking institution provider.

In other words, we are not concerned about imposing our own “criteria”, because we already know the real criteria, and those 2 points are precisely what clients will hire our providers to give them. As a result, we already know that anybody who does hire the services will be bankable with asset backing, and will meet lender criteria.

International project financing is really loans against the Collateral Assets (or investment against Asset Backing). Thus, technically, funding is not even against any “project”. Instead, it is based entirely upon the licensed work and resources that our cooperating institutions will provide.

Our institutional services transform the funding package  from “project financing”, into an actual “asset based loan” against the Third-party universal assets. Therefore, in general, we are certain that all projects can be Approved, as long as the clients are willing to hire the necessary banking institution licensed services.

The only objective “criteria” is that with the project financing programs of our banking consortium, the mechanisms are designed for projects needing a minimum of $50 Million USD in funding. For the time, effort and expense of the work required, projects of less than that amount are considered by providers to be “just not worth it” for the reduced success fees, and considering the small funding amount relative to the client’s retainer.