International Modified Mezzanine Investment (IMMI) – Introduction

For credit worthy Projects or credit worthy project Sponsors, IMMI offers the most current solutions for completing your capital stack and attaining your financing. IMMI accomplishes this while minimizing dilution to your project’s shareholders and stakeholders.


IMMI Optimization Platform

  • Insured Risk Mitigation Model – IMMI teams of highly skilled and seasoned entrepreneurs, engineers, and financial professionals, many with operational management experience in diverse industries, know how to proceed from concept to exit. IMMI excel at Front End Loading the risk with multiple layers of financial insurance and bonding, structuring projects to come in on time and on budget, thereby facilitating the financial engineering that qualified IMMI proprietary underwriting to receive the insurance wrap that protects IMMI investors economic and financial interests.
  • Proprietary Fund Platform – IMMI combines the experience and track record of two funds that have merged their 2 individual management technologies into one Hybrid model; bringing together the best components of both management systems. The 2 funds have a combined history spanning 18 years, with a total of $15 Billion in Assets Under Management. IMMI have over 200 projects funded with zero credit default on over $30 billion in funding, utilizing this same proprietary strategy for investing. So while the fund looks new, its IP is not new.
  • Internal Hedge – We have a proven track record on IMMI ability to utilize IMMI analytical skills as the basis for how we utilize financial insurance products, from investment grade insurers, to completely protect IMMI investor’s investment in any given deployment.


IMMI Prpoject Pipeline is Risk-Mitigated, Sector Agnostic, and Global

  • Historically Tested Investment Parameters Mitigate Risk – IMMI ideally target Mature and Later Stage Companies, with Proven Technologies, Experienced Management Teams, and shovel-ready Projects that generally combine bonding, insurance, permits, licenses, take-out agreements, and EPC/EPCM agreements as the baseline to be underwritten under IMMI proprietary investment model.
  • Sector Agnostic/Diversified Deal Flow – Real-Estate, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Food & Beverage, Agriculture, Automotive, Technology, Education, and Healthcare all fit into the IMMI portfolio balancing.
  • Global Market Reach – IMMI’s 18-year history and name branding brings in interest from over 2,000 Sponsors a year seeking out IMMI’s investment model as a means to raising all, or a portion of, their Sponsor’s Equity. IMMI credit enhancement mechanism allows for us to originate relationships with quality credit-worthy projects that require more sponsor’s equity/credit enhancement to qualify for underwriting through a bank or non-banking senior lender.


IMMI Financing Benefits to Project Pipeline Entrepreneurs

  • Conserving the Sponsor’s Equity – Mezzanine-level investment requiring zero dilution, and PE Investments requiring less equity dilution than most PE or VC funds. This cash and equity approach is the unique liquidity solution in IMMI’s investment model.
  • Flexibility – No need for Projects or project Sponsors to face an all or nothing dilemma on either the debt side or the equity side.


Maximizing Returns for IMMI Investors

  • Six Sigma – IMMI’s fund management team invests through the means of acting as credit enhancement for the senior lender community (commercial banks and non-banks). IMMI, for the right project, has solved the primary problem regarding the bottleneck in the issuance of new loans in this new regulatory era; and will be the best-in-class solution for many years to come. IMMI eliminate part of the risk for the senior lender by design and then eliminate the real risk for IMMI investors by using a tried and proven model of utilizing financial insurance products (investment grade insurance wrap) around the investment to protect against economic or financial loss.
  • Transparency – IMMI, in response to the market’s railing against the way PE and VC funds have traditionally implied IRR on equity to their investors, has implemented a strategy whereby there is no capital from IMMI Investor/LPs tied up in the equity that we attain on their behalf. This is why IMMI refers to IMMI investment model as engineered, not “alternative”, and the risk mitigation to be a mechanical function rather than some black-box mathematical algorithm. Essentially, we insurance wrap and contract away the real risk for IMMI Investor/LPs by dispersing the risk through the financial insurance IMMI underwriting model is qualified to receive.


If you believe that you are in the later stages of your capital requirements, and can efficiently deploy IMMI capital, please proceed accordingly.