A client seeking alternative funding will need licensed certified support of their documents to make the business venture “bankable” for multiple types of funding options from both institutional and private funding sources.


As a contracted loan originator for banking and financial institutions, Changoo & Associates funding partners have powerful methods to make the client business venture “bankable”, structure the transaction, and then help the client directly approach lenders. 

Alternative Funding can be done in a way that is extremely simple for the client, but requires intensive and fast-paced licensed work and certification by a banking institution, to make the assets “bankable” in a way that traditional “asset based lenders” can easily accept. 

The provider banking institution will then perform the following services to fulfill the contract:

  • Evaluate, establish and document the Chain of Title and Ownership of the assets, advising and assisting on anything the client may need to do or obtain to prove equity possession of the assets.
  • Evaluate, establish and document the Market Value, Equity Value and Collateral Lending Value of the assets, advising and assisting on anything the client may need to do or obtain to prove the relevant values of the assets.
  • Include a Valuation, officially explaining all rights, chain of title,ownership, equity, valuation, use as collateral, and guidance for lenders on fastest methods to best lend against the assets based on those factors, integrated into the formal Certified Letter of Support and Endorsement issued by Provider’s institution.
  • Include a Certification of the Banking Compliance Package, based upon Provider having verified, organized, repackaged and optimally presented the relevant documents, supporting the Valuation, integrated into the Certified Letter of Support.
  • Ongoing Advisory Support and expert assistance, to back the client, asset owner and the completed documents package, to directly assist in getting approval from potential funding sources.