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Preferred Investment Sectors

In general projects in emerging markets are preferred. However, all countries with the exception of war zones are acceptable.

Agriculture Projects

  • All forms of Agriculture projects
  • Horticulture Projects
  • Foodstuff Processing Plants etc
  • Manufacturing Plants (e.g. Milk powder etc)

Aquaculture (Off-shore and On-shore)

  • On-shore is preferred due to less risk however off-shore will be acceptable as well


  • All forms with the exception of wind farms
  • Important: High priority is given to all forms of Waste Management and Waste to Energy projects.

Infrastructure Projects

  • All forms of infrastructure projects
  • Important: As most of the Infrastructure Projects are lacking finance from the Governments and or adequate coverage of their Sovereign Guarantees provided (most emerging markets), finance against barter trade is considered. For example Gold, Minerals, Iron-Ore, Platinum, Palladium and other proceeds from mines. Most of these countries also have an acute Waste Management problem. Also Municipal Solid Waste Management could be considered.


  • Steel Plants etc.
  • Other construction materials or related materials e.g. cement etc.

 Mines and Minerals

  • All forms, exploration and exploitation

 Oil and Gas

  • All forms of including the building of all forms of storage facilities, pipelines and related infrastructure

 Real Estate Projects and Mixed-Use Developments

  • Hotels with Condos and or Villas including Casinos, Marinas etc. (preferably all in one project)
  • Shopping Centers, Condominiums, Office Blocks (preferably all under one roof but also separate)
  • Housing Estates from 200 Houses and more. No low-cost housing!
  • Industrial Zones – Mixed Use Developments
  • Airports
  • Sea Ports
  • Important: No single Hotels or Golf courses

 New and Innovative Technologies

  • All forms of

 Transportation – Logistics

  • Shipping Lines – Ships (No Airplanes)
  • All forms of public transportation with priority given to new forms of public transportation