Strategic Approach


As the economy heads into recovery, many businesses are gearing up for growth. That makes it an excellent time to put strategic planning at the top of your agenda. Whether it’s buying a competitor, increasing your capital or aiming for higher growth, you need the right strategies, structure, plans and controls in place to optimize the return for investment.

Another reason for strategic planning is that it reduces risk, particularly in periods of economic uncertainty.  As part of the funding process, we’ll be assessing your current situation, resources, strengths and weaknesses, competitors and the business environment. This way, you will be better equipped to make decisions and therefore to minimize risk.

Strategic planning also helps to shake things up a little. “It’s a way to rekindle the entrepreneurial drive that got you started in the first place. You may have started out with a dream of a $50-million business with facilities all over the world. But along the way, you got distracted by daily challenges, lost sight of that dream and settled for less than your project’s true potential.

A crucial part of successful strategic planning is to ensure you seek an external, objective point of view. Most start-up businesses don’t have the resources and expertise in-house to guide them through the strategic planning process. Our consultants can give you a fresh perspective on your business, help you envision the future you want and define your long-term goals.  We can also ensure you follow a rigorous plan with clear timelines and assigned responsibilities.

Corporate Finance

Utilizing an industry-focused approach we provide our clients with professionals who understand their markets and business style.  Our global network of corporate finance professionals has a strong understanding of current capital market dynamics and their impact on corporate finance decisions. We employ sound financial management for immediate and long term strategic growth.


Changoo & Associates(C&A) provides restructuring services to projects across a broad range of industries. We deliver our service from the premise of hands-on knowledge of Post-funding integration, Merger & Acquisition due diligence and post-deal restructuring. Also on the combined skills and thought leadership of C&A’s consultants. The following broad categories are offered as guidance.

Areas of Expertise:

Due Diligence

Develop the strategic rationale for a deal as well as candidate screening, negotiation, clean-room operation and other support

Corporate Venturing

Advise and set up an organizational and governance structure between companies including technical / management capabilities

Restructuring and Turnarounds for Growth

Assist under-performing projects, including stabilization of financial and operating performance

Joint Ventures and Alliances

Develop a strategic rationale for an alliance, defining screening criteria and governance architecture

Privatizations and Buyouts

Support one-time corporate finance events including leveraged and management buyouts, IPOs and privatizations

Information Technology

Over the years Information Technology(IT) has evolved from a cost center for most companies to a critical and profitable operational function due to the enormous advancement in the administrative application. Where organizations need to lower costs and look strategically at where the company is going, we help take a strategic role as an enabler of future business success.

We improve our client’s productivity by enhancing their IT capabilities to expedite business outcomes with best-in-class results. Our service area covers topics such as Information Technology strategy, Business and IT Alignment, IT Operating Model, Infrastructure and Applications Architecture, and Outsourcing.