Tangible Results

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Simply put, Funding Management is a systematic approach that enables you to efficiently and effectively achieve your funding objectives.

For example; A life cycle approach to Funding Management applies valuable processes, tools, knowledge and skills through all phases of a project to ensure maximum quality and greater value.

Our comprehensive Risk Profile Assessment(RPA) measures your organization’s funding management practices and processes to determine their capabilities, strengths and weaknesses as compared with similar organizations. The RPA also measures your organization’s Target Capital Raise to reflect the project’s true valuation and sustainability.

Most importantly, the RPA identifies areas for improvement in your current operational plans – so your company can improve profitability, maximize value and achieve greater success right from the initiation of the project.

Studies show that the average Funding Management maturity of an organization (i.e. the level at which they successfully raise project capital) is significantly low. Investments made to improve Funding Management by just one level can maximize returns greater than 440%, simply through project valuation and optimized resource usage.

Our objective is to help your organization improve your overall project effectiveness and success by improving your Projects Funding proficiency.