Broker Career Income

Independent Broker Cooperation Program

Changoo & Associates (C&A) offers generous and competitive compensation to Brokers, under a simple contract.  As C&A has a substantial network of contracted Funding and Investment Partners, Brokers can become registered Loan Originators as independent contractors, earning substantial revenues.

All Brokers Welcome

New Brokers just beginning their business will benefit from a wealth of the highest level of expert educational reports and materials of our network, available through C&A.  While written for the “layperson” at a beginning “novice” level, the documents give complete and in-depth knowledge from multinational banking industry insiders.  The accessibility and effectiveness of this information create a virtual “mentoring” relationship that is guaranteed to make you a real “expert” in all topics related to international finance, structured collateral, banking compliance, and how to professionally work with our Funding and Investment Partners.

Even the most experienced “veteran” brokers will gain new insights and competitive advantages from the expert reports of our consortium, written by top lawyers and bankers from the highest levels of government economics and international affairs.  The visibly “top-level” calibre, weight, credibility of the materials, and authority of the consortium of bankers and finance lawyers, will position even the most established brokering business to overwhelmingly “outclass” the offerings or sources of all common brokers in the industry.

Let the Programs Work for You

Both new and experienced Brokers will greatly benefit from a diverse and well-organized collection of topic papers and reports on all relevant issues.  This “arsenal” of expertise allows the documents to literally “do the hard work” for you, by giving the right document to potential clients at the right time, one relevant topic at a time.  This proven method allows the programs and documents to work for you, instead of you feeling like you’re working for us.

Reliable Income Opportunity

Altogether, the end result of the C&A broker relations program is “earn while you learn” professional training, boosting your qualifications and skills regardless of your current level of experience.  It also provides real marketing materials and practical tools to boost your own business, jump-starting and maintaining increased annual revenues, at a potential level rivalling even the highest “salaries” from ordinary employment.  Our independent contracting Brokers typically earn up to 6 or 7 figure incomes every year, consistently, as long as they continue active cooperation with our group.

Easy to start now

If you are comfortable with performance-based career income, using your own networking, communications and consulting skills to develop or increase your own clientele, and would like to offer the institutional programs and services available through C&A, then we are fully prepared to get you started on a much brighter career path to success.

To request the “Broker Introduction Overview Packagewith complete information for an immediate easy start, including more detailed overviews for all of the available programs and services, please provide a bio of yourself and a description of your business and clientele. Subsequently, a discussion between us will be appropriate.

Send directly to for consideration and review.