Next steps after hiring Bank- steps to funding?

Step 1 – Bank begins advising the client on collecting all best and most relevant documents to compile the Banking Compliance package, and processes that package.

Step 2 – Bank makes private arrangements with the source(s) of A-rated collateral instruments, as the basis for issuing a Collateral Commitment to be included as a strong part of the Banking Compliance package.

Step 3 – Bank compiles and issues a formal Certification Report, covering the client company and project documents, and covering the collateral backing, together with licensed Transaction Closing guidelines to help lenders most easily and quickly close a transaction.

Step 4 – The bank begin presenting the finished package to potential other bank lenders. The bank facilitates with all potential lenders, backing up its issued Certifications and representing the Collateral. As soon as any other bank lender agrees and clearly communicates its preferred closing process (often based upon the banks certified transaction closing procedures in its report), then closing begins.