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Reviews Dale Changoo

Changoo and Associates Review Lauds their Risk Profile Service The risk profile for businesses allows the management to get information regarding the current position of the business at a non-technical level. Data used for developing the position can be any type of information garnered from critical systems related to the organizational eco-system. Changoo and Associates […]

Changoo and Associates Review

Next steps after hiring Bank- steps to funding?

Step 1 – Bank begins advising the client on collecting all best and most relevant documents to compile the Banking Compliance package, and processes that package. Step 2 – Bank makes private arrangements with the source(s) of A-rated collateral instruments, as the basis for issuing a Collateral Commitment to be included as a strong part of […]

Type of contract provided by bank?

It is written by the “plain English” method, but is long only because it is a “framework” contract, designed to cover all versions of the services for various situations, to give flexibility as client needs or transactions tend to cross over mixing with other services, and to accommodate repeat business with satisfied clients under the […]

How is collateral raised?

The bank purchases A-rated insurance instruments of guaranteed face value from brand-name banks who already own the assets. The bank has multiple cooperating other banks directly selling the assets, which are at a discount because they are like “annuities”. The banks have hundreds of billions of dollars in such assets at any given time, so there is no […]

Why would a European Bank fund a project non-recourse?

The result of the model loan structure is “non-recourse” only because the bank (service provider) actually brings in third-party collateral and structures it into the funding package, covering 100% of the loan. To the lender, this is not “non-recourse” at all, it is full recourse, because the bank provider actually gives the collateral directly to the […]

European Banks are struggling and have basically stopped lending?

Europe is not one single entity. There are vast differences between countries. The current Euro Zone problems are precisely because of the fact that the countries have different economic and banking performance levels. The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Switzerland are still economically strong, and still have active bank lending programs. Then there are numerous offshore […]